What is Mechanical engineering

1 Mechanical engineering 

                                Mechanical engineering is one involving the use of the laws of physics for mechanical systems analysis, design, production and maintenance of engineering disciplines. This subject requires students to mechanical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, chemical, and energy conservation and other basic scientific principles have to consolidate the awareness and use this knowledge to analyze static and dynamic physical systems to create, design and practical devices, apparatus, equipment and tools. Mechanical engineering knowledge can be applied on top of machines, vehicles, aircraft, ships, refrigeration and air conditioning, water conservancy, civil construction, bridges and industrial equipment, and other levels.

2 Mechanical Engineering handled

 Mechanical Engineering handled, is to be converted into energy and material goods that can be used. From a macro point of view, we live in contact with every object, its manufacturing process and mechanical engineering can be said about. Mechanical engineering is one of many engineering disciplines in the widest range of a subject. Practitioners need to have rich creative intellectual, fully aware of all the principles of scientific theory, and the needs and characteristics of different items have sufficient understanding. In addition, he must strive to catch up with the latest technological development intentions. Mechanical engineering qualified personnel may engage in different industries, including: marine, transportation, manufacturing,

 3 Power generation

power generation, environmental protection, public service and academic machinery and so on. Any modern industrial and engineering fields need to be applied mechanically, such as: agriculture, forestry, mining and other needs of agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, mining machinery; metallurgical engineering and chemical engineering needs metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery; textile and food processing industries need to textile machinery, food processing machinery; water conservancy, civil engineering, roads and bridges and other engineering needs of construction machinery; electrical engineering requires power machinery; transportation needs of a variety of vehicles, ships, aircraft, etc; measurement of various goods, packaging, storage, loading and unloading requires a variety of relevant working machinery. Is the people's daily life, but also more and more the application of various machinery, such as: vehicle, sewing machines, watches, cameras, video recorders, tape recorders, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, air-conditioning, heating, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, and so on. Mechanical engineering is a related natural science and technology as the theoretical basis, combined with technical experience in the production practice of accumulated research and resolve in the development, design, manufacture, installation, use and repair of various machines of all theoretical and practical problems of a applied science.

4 Development of various projects

 Development of various projects in the field of mechanical engineering are required with suitable development, mechanical engineering are required to provide the necessary machinery. Some mechanical invention and improvement, but also led to the emergence and development of new engineering technologies and new industries, such as: large-scale machinery manufacturing success led to the establishment of the power system; train invention led to the rise of railway engineering and railway undertakings ; and the development and progress of ships, aircraft and aircraft engine, gas turbine, rocket engines and other successful inventions led to the rise of Marine Engineering, the maritime industry, aeronautical engineering and aviation industry; high-voltage equipment (including a compressor, a reactor, sealing technology ) has led to the successful development of many new synthetic chemical engineering.

5 Mechanical engineering is obtained

 Mechanical engineering is obtained under pressure in all aspects of the increasing demand for the development of power, but the ability to get and from the progressive improvement and innovation in various disciplines and technologies. Contents [hide] 1 The Evolution the Stone Age, the simple tool for rough stone hammers, wooden bow and wood, leather is a pioneer in mechanical subsequently arise. Evolution from the manufacture simple tools to manufacturing modern mam anufacturing chine by a plurality of parts, components, and through a long process. Thousands of years ago, mankind has created a car for example, for cereals and mortar shelling and grinding mill, used to lift water shadoof and pulley, equipped with wheels, navigation in rivers and paddle boats, oars, rudder Wait. Power used, from people's own strength, to develop the use of animal power, wind and water. The materials from natural stone, earth, wood, leather, the development of artificial materials. The first synthetic material is a ceramic. Manufacture of ceramic ware pottery car,

6 complete mechanical  transmission

complete mechanical  transmission and working three parts. Mankind from the Stone Age into the Bronze Age, Iron Age and then to turn to the blower to blow the fire played an important role in development. Blower strong enough to make metallurgical furnace furnace temperature sufficiently high to obtain refined metal from the ore. China in 1000 BC - 900 years before had been used in smelting in the blast, a blast and gradually developed from human to animal and hydraulic blast. Early in BC, China has been in the car application guide complex gear system being applied in the incense burner can remain in the horizontal position of the turret and other parts of the cross. Ancient Greece has been cylindrical gear, bevel gear and worm drive records. However, the relationship and choose tooth curve on the instantaneous gear ratio and the tooth until the 17th century square theoretical elaboration. Hand crank and the pedal crank linkage mechanism is a pioneer in various ancient civilizations have a long history, but the exact form of analysis and synthesis of crank linkage, motion and power, it is the achievement of modern mechanics. MACHINERY as a specialized discipline as late as the early 19th century for the first time included in the Course of Higher Engineering School (Paris engineering school) of. Through theoretical study, people in order to accurately analyze a variety of mechanical, including sports complex spatial linkage mechanism, and thus be able to press the need for a comprehensive new institutions. Modern [edit] Space shuttle mechanical engineer 15-16 century ago, the slow development of mechanical engineering. But in terms of the Millennium practice, or mechanical development has accumulated considerable experience and technical knowledge, an important potential for the later development of mechanical engineering. After the 17th century, capitalism in Britain, France and Western Europe appear, commodity production became the center of social problems. Many high talent mechanical craftsmen and productive ideas intellectuals committed to improving the mechanical work required for each industry and the development of new power machinery ── steam engine. The late 18th century, the steam engine from the mining industry to promote the application of textile, flour, and metallurgical industries.

7 The main production 

 The main production machinery gradual conversion from wood material is more tough, but it is difficult with manual processing of metals. Machinery manufacturing industry began to take shape, and become an important industry in decades. Mechanical Engineering by the growing practice, from dispersion, a skill craftsmen who rely mainly on individual talents and skills, and gradually developed into a theoretical guidance, and independent system engineering. Mechanical engineering is a major contributing factor in the Industrial Revolution 18-19 century technology and the capitalist machinery of mass production. Power Machinery Development [edit] Power is an important factor in the development of production. The late 17th century, with a variety of mechanical improvements and development, with increases every year requirement of coal and metal ores, people feel can not rely on human and animal production will be raised to a new stage. In the UK, textile mills and other industries more and more factories will be located in the river, the use of water wheels to drive the working machine. But it was already a certain amount of coal, tin, bauxite, iron ore, copper, silver, gold mines in the ground, still only be used to upgrade a large number of animal and exclusion. In this production needs, the emergence of the early 18th century Thomas Newcomen (Thomas Newcomen) atmospheric steam engine to drive mine drainage pump. However, high steam engine fuel consumption rate, basically only used in coal mines. 1765 British Watt invented the steam engine has a separate condenser to reduce the fuel consumption rate. 1781 Watt has created a steam engine providing rotary power to expand the scope of application of the steam engine. Invention and development of the steam engine, so that mining and industrial production, railways and shipping to all of the mechanical power. Steam engine in the 19th century almost the only source of power. But the steam engine and its huge boiler, condenser, cooling water systems, volume, bulky, inconvenient to use. 19th century, the power supply system and the motor began to develop and promote. Early 20th century, the motor has been replaced by steam in industrial production, become the driving force of various basic working machine. Production mechanization has been inseparable electrification, mechanization and electrification through the production of fishes play. Early application of steam power plant as a prime

8 Machining technology development

 Machining technology development Before the Industrial Revolution, machinery mostly wooden structure, made by hand by a carpenter. Metals (mainly copper, iron) only to manufacture equipment, locks, clocks, small parts of pumps and mechanical wood structure on. Metalworking mainly by machine maker Seiko secret agents, in order to achieve the required accuracy. Promote the development of steam power plant, and the consequent emergence of mining, metallurgy, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other large machinery requires forming and machining of metal parts, and more and large, the more precision is required higher and higher. Metallic materials development from copper, iron to steel-based. Machining including fitters, lathe, milling, casting, forging, sheet metal, mold, welding and heat treatment technology and equipment, and machining technology, tools, measuring tools, etc., have developed rapidly, to ensure that the development of various industries for production machinery supply equipment.

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